Friday, March 12, 2010

Outside the Box....and back into my skinny jeans?

As part of the Outside the Box Challenge this week, I decided to do the Two Hundred Situps Challenge.  I really wanted to do something more ambitious (and interesting), like hot yoga or spinning, but this week has been so busy that I haven't even had time to find a class.  As a side note: I'm thinking of joining a local gym on a trial membership, so that I can start spinning and swimming again :)

I did the initial test for the situps challenge earlier this week, and could only do 25 "good form" situps before I was too tired/sore to finish.  That's pathetic, I know, but that's exactly why I want to do the challenge - my ab strength is absolute crap, and I'm going to need to get better core strength to continue doing my long runs for training.

Today I finished Day 1 of the challenge, which is 15, 18, 10, and 10 situps with breaks in between.  I could definitely feel it, but in a good way!  This challenge is here to stay - I am ready to have better abs, and willing to do the work to get there.

Also in queue as part of the challenge is the Ab Ripper X from P90X - I'm going to try that tomorrow.  I think it may be too tough for me right now, but I'm going to try!

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