Saturday, August 23, 2008

orientation: way past ramen

Hello and welcome to the inaugural post of Way Past Ramen. I hope that you will find your stay pleasant, sometimes amusing, and often helpful.

As a third-year immunology grad student, I have been through the transition from college to grad school, and have had a few years to gather my bearings and adjust to grad life. The struggles are many, hours of sleep are few, and of course, times are sometimes desperate during grad school. But there are ways of coping, and for me, an education in saving time and money is probably equally as important as what I'm actually learning in school.

Lacking money, time, or general desire for exerting effort, I have often searched for quick and easy meals. Heck, I've even given up and just ordered in. But I firmly believe that even in hard times, one should never have to resort to ramen - there are always more soul-satisfying solutions, and soul satisfying is exactly what grad students need. And of course, this principle applies to all parts of life, not just food.

So I am here to share my struggles, triumphs, and tips for surviving life as a grad student. I hope that you will enjoy sharing with me!