Saturday, March 20, 2010

First 5K of the Season - Goals

Tonight I'm getting ready for my first race of the season, the Get Your Rear in Gear 5K.

In preparation for my upcoming half marathon, and for running the Broad Street Run, I wanted to sign up for another smaller, shorter race to kick off the race season.  It seems to be very well run - they have a pre-race packet pickup, a nice tech tee, and D-chip tags - I might be able to actually look up my pictures and official time!  I know some places have running communities that are always this organized - but the two events I've been to so far have been lacking in the preparation department.

My running schedule has 7 miles planned for tomorrow, so I will be doing a 1-mile warmup, then the 5K, then 3 more miles.  I really want to do my best at the 5K, though, so if I need to walk quite a bit after the race before I finish up, I'm ok with that.  Here are my goals for the 5K:

1. Reach-for-the-Stars Goal:  37:30 -- this is a tiny bit over a 12:00/mile pace, and is probably not going to happen.  I'd need to run the whole thing at a decent pace (for me), so I'd really need to be feeling good!  If I don't make this this time, it will be my 5K goal for the fall - I should be a bit faster by then.

2. Reasonable Goal: 40:30 -- this would still be a PR (my last two race times were 41:30 and 42:00), and would be slightly over a 13:00/mile pace.  This would either be a slow run for the whole race, or a good pace with a few walk breaks.  Unless I'm overly tired or something, I should be able to do this.

3. No Matter What: Finish, have fun, and have the energy to do the rest of my 7-mile training for the day!

Now, I did manage a 2-mile run at a 12:01 pace last week, but I was wiped out afterward - so I'm not sure if I can do the same for 3.1 miles.  Hopefully the adrenaline of the race will help a bit!  The best part is, after the 5K I should be able to grab a snack and drink, refresh a bit, then finish up the 7 miles for the day.

Wish me luck!

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