Sunday, February 28, 2010

Running Recap

So, it's been a few weeks, and there's been a lot more running - in a lot more snow!

Other than the HUGE snowstorm in mid-Feb, we didn't get any more major snowfalls, but for Philly in February, it's awfully snowy.  Usually it's a bit warmer, and the entire city is full of cold rain for the whole month.  I may prefer snow instead, but at this rate, I'm not sure the snow will ever melt!

I've had some great runs this month.  The last few weeks, I've built up to 6 miles on my long-run days, and my total weekly mileage has been 12-13 miles.  I've managed to keep the total pace on the long runs below 14:00/mi (yesterday's 6-miler was 13:25), which is my goal as I increase the mileage.  I feel stronger and faster when I run, and my legs would like to go faster - but my asthma is just now getting used to running at 12:00/mi, so I'll wait a while to speed up.

Overall, with two months until Broad Street, I feel great.  I would really like to see some increase in strength and leanness, and so I'm going to add a lot more strength training and cross-training as time goes on.

Hope you are all enjoying the last day of February - stay warm out there!

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