Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pancake Roll-Ups

In honor of Chocolate Covered Katie and her Artisana Coconut Butter giveaway, I created my own version of Pancake Roll-Ups.  What are Pancake Roll-Ups, you ask?  Why, they're pancakes - rolled up!  A pancake taco, if you will :)

My pancakes were made from Hodgson Mill buttermilk mix - love the stuff!  I mostly followed the directions on the box, but added some extra flavor - cocoa powder, vanilla, and (unpictured) almond extract.

Some Amazing Grass may have also made it into the mix!  I am not usually a huge fan of "greens" supplements, but their chocolate mix is pretty spectacular.

The pancakes cooked on the electric griddle, and when they were done, I had some rich, chewy chocolate pancakes.  To the pancakes I added:

Coconut, chocolate chips, Artisana coconut butter (the end of my sample - now I REALLY need to win the contest!), Dark Chocolate Dreams PB (from PB and Co), and Love Street Living Foods dark chocolate coconut spread (this stuff is amazing!).

When I was done adding random combinations of toppings, I had three unique and delicious Pancake Roll-Ups!

All in all, a delicious way to start off a Sunday!



  1. Ahhh! They look insane! Like the mounds bar roll ups I made the other day, but even better!! Do you want to be featured in a future post on my blog?

  2. Those look delicious! I have to admit I followed the link on Katie's blog because I love your name! ;)