Sunday, January 17, 2010

Treadmill Time!

Most people, even committed runners, dislike the treadmill.  It's tedious, for sure, and the fact that you're running to nowhere is less than motivating.  When it comes to running on the treadmill, though, I take a different tack: I really enjoy it.  Maybe it's the fact that I'm a total nerd, and I really like being able to see my distance, pace, and calories burned.  Maybe it's the ability to control my pace precisely, since as a beginner I still have a hard time sticking to a pace outdoors.  Maybe it's the ability to stay out of the rain and watch TV while I run.  Whatever it is, the treadmill and I are good buddies.

I hit up the treadmill today for my first Couch to 5K Week 4 run.

The plan:
Walk 3 min warmup
Run 3 min (5.0mph)
Walk 90 sec (3.3)
Run 5 min
Walk 2.5 min
Run 3 min (1% incline)
Walk 90 sec (1% incline)
Run 5 min (no incline)
Walk 2.5 min cooldown

The stats:

Distance: 1.92 miles
Time: 27:00
Pace: 14:03/mi

It felt great - I wanted to keep going forever!  I stuck to the plan, though, since I know that overtraining at the beginning is how a lot of new runners get injured.  I finished up my workout with strength training for legs from the Fitnessista - which totally made my legs feel like jelly!

The boredom of the treadmill hasn't quite set in yet - I'm still rocking out to my favorite songs, trying not to pay too much attention to how long I'm running.  The TV helped today - watching the Vikings play helped me totally forget what I was doing and just enjoy moving.  Music, TV, and magazines definitely help with treadmill boredom!  Pretty soon, though, I'll be tackling longer runs and will either have to hit the streets or find new ways to keep myself busy (hill intervals, anyone?)

I'm off to finish watching the Vikings, and try out my new foam roller - hopefully it won't hurt too much and will loosen up my aching legs!

Update: Go Vikings!!  Awesome game :)

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